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RE: Josh Lockett…

So… Josh thought it would be cool to write this on 4/7/2009 5:33:04 PMModified: 4/7/2009 5:33:00 PMFisrt off let me say that there are stupid people and people who just wont ever make it to the bus stop to even get on the short bus!!!To start, A one Mr. Mike Mathia who runs a so called photography business out of his house and claims to be this bad ass of storm chasing and a so called computer repairninja is not what he seems to be. First hand i have heard this person use another ham’s call sign who lives in Girard Ks and knew when he was using it that he could be fined and even go to jail for doing this. Some of the ham ops that are close to this man are still looking for him to mess up so they can get the FCC to fix the problem. Along with this Mr. Mathia also claims to be a storm chaser with the NOAA, NWS, SKYWARN, KAKE-10, and KNSS offices. I can confirm one out of the 5 that is true and thats KNSS Radio as for all the others, they do not have any people working with them by that name and I also called KAKE 10 like another person did as well.One thing that he is bad about is bashing people that he wishes he could hang with and be like. The whole storm chaser persona is just a feeble attempt to get some attention and some proof of this is his live weather broadcast on severe studios and his spotter network blip that can show you have fast a person drives and how wreckless they can be as well. I whitnessed on the severe studios thing a little while ago that showed him on a chase and what looked like a light bar on his vehicle that was running because cars where pulling over infront of him to get out of the way and you could see the reflection as he drove by them.MIKE IF YOU WANT TO BE A COP SO BADLY OR A EMERGENCY PERSON OF SOME KIND, WHY DON’T YOU GO APPLY OH WAIT YOU CAN’T BECAUSE YOU HAVE A CRIMINAL HISTORY!!!!!!Another part of this is the fact that every sticker and magnet and or shirt he has you can buy as well on the internet for little to nothing!!!!!As far as the Photography business of his, it’s all a just a scam and the girls he gets pics of is just his way to see nude girls. Ladies don’t fall for this BS that he may ask you to do, it’s not worth it. Mr. Mathia also has it posted on myspace that he is a photographer at The Boeing Corp. in wichita ks. I can comfirm by a very good friend that he has never taken any pictures or was ever hired for the Boeing Corp. The Man can barely hold down a job!!!!In Closing I would like to add for your eyes Mr. Mathia that if you are such a bad ass storm chaser, where is your meteorlogical degree and skywarn papers? Where is your license to do business for computers and photography and your pics of that actor that you claim to have taken, where are they and why are you not in any pictures with or around her??? LET THE TRUTH OUT!!!!! YOU’RE A FAKE, A LIAR, A CHEATER, AND A CONMAN!!!! JUST ADMIT TO IT PLEASE SO WE CAN JUST SHUT YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR LIES DOWNP.S. LOL ALOT OF US KNOW WHERE YOUR TRUCK SITS SO DONT MAKE US HAVE TO GET THE FCC AND POLICE INVOLVED!!!!SINCERELY,ONE MAD PERSONSpooky 32Ponca City, OklahomaU.S.A.I pasted it here in case he decided to change it. Here’s the link to it: – really dude? Did spreading these lies make you feel better? First of all dude, I don’t need a photography business to see nude women, dumbass. I have a girlfriend, and, have had a lot of them in the past. That’s the jealous talking. See my jealousy post. Anyone out there thing I am fake? I am the most real person anyone has met. If you don’t, comment here about it, or email me at and I’ll post it if you would like. A liar eh? LOL – that one’s really funny, considering the source.A cheater? Did I cheat on you or something Josh? LOL – dude, if you knew me at all, you’d know that I’ve been cheated ON all of my life, and never have cheated in return. But you don’t know me at all. I can get personal too, dick.And in answer to a question you asked me a long time ago, no, I won’t hook your dumbass up with any of them. And a conman? What is this, a 007 movie? Am I gonna screw someone out of a storm chase? LOLAnd I dunno what the hell you’re talking about with a celebrity photo shoot or whatever, but you’re obviously a little off base with this post anyways. I’ve been a Kakeland Storm spotter for a few years now. I’ve been working for KNSS for a number of years now. I have my certification from the National Storm Research & Training Institute. Want to see it? Want me to scan it for you? Well tough shit. I have it, I can see it from here, and I don’t have to prove anything to you. Anyone else want to see it? Want to call and verify it? Want to spend countless hours trying to dig up dirt on me like Josh does? Just email me, it’s a lot easier. I’ll even produce you names and numbers where you can verify stuff at. No problem. My life is an open book. I have nothing to prove to anyone, and I have zero reason to lie about anything. *shrug* – it’s as simple as that.If you have this video you claim you have, then post it. Asshole. Otherwise, STFU about me running lights hot in my truck when I wasn’t. Innocent until proven guilty in this world, dummy. Speaking of which, I heard you got busted for that actually. But that was from an unreliable source, so I’d better check into that story first. You know, that thing you don’t do. It’s called follow through, dumbass. I know you don’t have that video, because it never happened. LOLI’m actually responsible and smart about how I drive in these scenarios. I’m not the one that’s a fired rent a cop, pretending to be a cop, in a cop copy Crown Vic, with cop lights on it.If I wanted to be a cop, I would have joined up. I applied, and got a better job that paid better elsewhere. And I could reapply anytime. But in order to do that, you have to go in front of a board of reviews. And I have shitty teeth. And the board of reviews would reject me based on looks, just like most of society does. If you consider a criminal history a few speeding tickets and a suspended license back in 1997, then guilty as charged. Robbing a bank is a criminal history, shithead, and so is theft, you know, like when you stole stuff from me, thief. None of which is on my record. Don’t believe me, do something Josh Lockett didn’t do, run me in NCIC or Spyder. If you find something more than I mentioned here, I’ll scan it and post it on here for everyone to see. See, the open book thing. But see, I’m not worried about that, because I don’t have a criminal record. This moron is just out to make me look bad, and it’s not going to work. He must have a lot of free time though. Yes, I did work at Boeing. Want references? Start with PDS HR or Boeing HR in the Creative Services contract department. Or better yet, just call me, and I’ll give you direct lines. Dipshit. Some of the people I worked with there, are on my Facebook. Do your research first, dumbass. Oh, and in order for your Facebook to say “The Boeing Company” under your name, you have to verify yourself with a email address first. God, you’re such a tard. For the record, I never claimed to be a meteorologist. Nor do I want to be one. I just chase storms, I’m good at it, and I want to help give advance warning and help save lives. That’s it. That’s all it is for me. But there are people out there like Josh, that have nothing better to do than to badmouth me. Or brag about their equipment. I swear to God it’s just like a “who has the biggest penis” contest. Well, I don’t play well with that crowd. I’m here merely defending myself, and wishing there was a stop to all of this drama. But he won’t quit. See previous post for details on that. And making threats on the Internet? Really dude? Ever heard of slander? You know where my truck is? That’s funny, because I don’t. Call the police, and call the FCC. I fucking dare you. Tard. No, I don’t have my Ham license, and no, I don’t even own a Ham radio. Once I get my license, I will. My businesses, are my businesses. If you have a problem with them, then file the lawsuits. And expect a countersuit when you are wrong. I would rather enjoy that. Please, just find something better to do, I really am bored with all of this drama. I’m sick of defending myself to someone that makes accusations before doing the homework first. For people on his side of all of this, do the homework, realize he’s wrong already. Or, prove me wrong. I welcome all of these comments. And will gladly post them all here. And I’ll be posting this onto the website once they are “back” from July 4th vacation.


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Professional storm chaser for the National Weather Service and Skywarn Kansas Storm chase team coordinator for KAKE-TV. Emergency management communications officer. Ham Radio callsign is KD0IJO. Semi-famous on-air/club/event DJ. President and lead photographer of Michael Brian Photography CEO and Lead Tech of Hypertech Computer Solutions My personal and media blog: Call or text me: 316.444.0690 Email us: Personal site: Hypertech Computers: DJ 69 Online: Michael Brian Photography: Weather information: Ham radio contact:

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