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I am home from surgery, recovery will be a long one. Here’s what happened.I had a tumor on my lower right jaw. This thing was huge. They tried to remove it out thru my mouth, and could not. So they cut my neck open to pull the rest of it out that way. They broke my jaw in the process, something that was expected, and had to do reconstructive surgery on the jaw. They were going to try to do a bone grafting on it, but other complications came up that prevented the grafting for now. That will happen later. They severed a nerve in the process of all of this, so I cannot feel part of my chin and lips. They are saying that it is permanent damage. It definitely feels that way. They also extracted all of my teeth, and put in my top implants in. But I cannot talk correctly anymore. No more radio DJ work for me. I have a lot of work yet to do. I have a lot of retraining to do. Ever tried to eat with a numb mouth? LOL – I have to design a way to make that happen permanently. Next steps after this, implant adjustments, follow ups on everything, stitches out of my neck, learning how to eat and talk again, more adjustments, then the bone grafting in about three months, if all goes well, then, letting that heal, then my lower implants and adjustments. Then let that heal. My best guess is that by the end of 2010, everything will be as close to back to normal as they can be. I’ll save the financial, emotional, personal, professional, bullshit that I am dealing with for another blog. Thank you to everyone that helped and supported me through this crazy time, nothing can replace people that are close to you that really care. Not even the best of pain killers.


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  1. Holly ⋅

    You’re doing so good with all of it, me thinks. I’m proud of ya. Just hang in there & remember that whenever ya feel a little shitty about it, I’m here! I’ll be here to help ya with every bit of it, as long as ya let me. Just keep your head up & know that everything is gonna be just fine. 🙂 *hugs*

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