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The 911 Trials

The common sense thing to do is hold the hearings at Git-mo, where they belong. Remembering that the reason for the attacks were to destroy America. Killing almost 3000 innocent Americans along with hundreds of billions in damage and the disruption in our daily lives from that point on. Try to imagine how much money we spend on security every time we board a plane on enter a large building, just to name a couple of the inconveniences we now endure since 9/12, and will continue to spend forever for such security and safety that we never had to consider living our daily lives in the past. Remember these radicals have been at war with themselves and others for thousands of years and will continue to do so, and now we will be part of that (possibly forever).Now this administration is HELL BENT on spending 200 million dollars/year for security on the trial of ONE TERRORIST (maybe he can take it from Acorn’s budget) so he can display for the rest of the world our “JUSTICE SYSTEM”. When is this IDIOT going to realize we don’t have to prove ourselves to anyone. People in business look for ways to save money enabling them to run a more efficient operation, this MORON looks for ways to burn money, and then will have to create another TAX to cover his MISTAKE. If he wants to hold these hearings in civilian court maybe we should sell the rights to a movie producer, they in turn can sell the trials on PAY PER VIEW raising money to cover the security and other costly issues.  This administration is going to break our economy one way or another.For those of you who don’t own an AMERICAN FLAG my suggestion to you is purchase one soon, as one day they will be a collectors item. When  China calls in its debt and we cannot pay it, we will be lowering the American Flag and raising the “FLAG OF CHINA” and the new combo meal at McDonald’s will consist of a Big Mac-Coke-and choice of White or Fried Rice.As you may notice I vent my frustration through “POLITICAL INCORRECTNESS”, unlike (AMERICAS #1 BITCH) Nancy Pelosi, she will tell you they are going through the gate— if the gate is closed they are jumping over the fence— if the fence is to high they will pole vault over it— and if that doesn’t work they will parachute in, one way or another she is telling Americans with “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” — GO F*CK YOURSELF– as they intend to do whatever they want. Time for them all to go. And now our FLOUNDER IN CHIEF signs an executive order known as PAY-GO. After allowing Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Schumer, Frank and the rest of the thieves to run our debt level up TRILLIONS & TRILLIONS he thinks Americans will forget who permitted and encouraged the out of control spending. Just remember in his own words “THE BUCK STOPS WITH HIM”. It’s just too bad that his words are as EMPTY as the suit he wears. By the way, if I may ask–HOW’S THAT CHANGE WORKING OUT FOR YOU ?


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