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Michael Dell

I know that this probably didn’t even get looked at, but I still thought it was worth a try.  Note that if you email Michael Dell internally, like I did, while working there, your chances of getting fired are 100%.  Also note that I sent this well after my termination.Anyone know a good lawyer?—–Original Message—–From: Mathia, Michael  – Dell TeamSent: Sat 2/13/2010 12:02 PMTo: Dell, MichaelSubject: Concern.Mr. Dell –I was recently let go from Dell due to being “overqualified”.  Before legal action is taken, I’d like to know how this happens.  The person that hired me, knew of my qualifications prior to hiring me on.  They didn’t change any between when I was hired on, and when I started.  I was at work early, every day, from a 90 minute drive away from Nashville, through blizzards even.  I have a definite appreciation for the company that you have created, but I am astonished as to this type of low level management decision.  I dedicated myself to move away from family and friends in Wichita, Kansas, for this position.  I came to work, I excelled in every aspect, and followed all P&P.  My question is simple.  Why did this happen? It’s as simple, and as complicated, as that.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you do.Mike MathiaPh:


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3 responses to “Michael Dell

  1. Angela Truman ⋅

    Good call on the e-mail. That is some crap that they would fire you because you’re OVERQUALIFIED!!! Wow. Anywho… good luck on the job search hun. Love ya lots!! Keep in touch.

  2. Will Wilkens ⋅

    Michael,Sorry to hear about what happened. In this age of a downturned economy, survival is important and simply having a job to make ends meet is a necessity many people are facing. For example, if an IT manager with excellent computer tech skills loses their job and tries to survive by applying for a Geek Squad position at Best Buy, wouldn’t you think they they would be an excellent choice for the position based on meeting all the skill requirements? I’m sure in your case, the situation was different but I have always had an issue with the "overqualified" rule. Myself being an IT manager, working my way up the ranks from the bottom floor and paying my dues, I still love rolling up my sleeves and diving into putting together PCs and servers. When I perform interviews for open positions we have, I do not take into account an ‘overqualified’ view of the person, but rather their experience and what can we benefit from them being part of our team. I hope that you are successful in your new job search. It’s tough getting relocated as you have and then being tossed out like that. The company I work for is DRS Technologies ( we have dozens of division across the U.S. You should go to their website and see if one of our divisions close to you has some open IT positions that may be a fit for you. Our lines of business is the defense industry, and sounds like you are involved in that area. Look me up in Skype ( will.wilkens ) and I’ll add you to one of our Severe Studios skype chats. Most of us with Severe Studios are in the IT field and might be able to help you get something going.-Will

  3. mikemathia ⋅

    Thanks man, I’ll be in touch with you.

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