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Gov’t suckage

When is the last time (or better yet, the 1st time) you can remember the CBO being CORRECT on the cost of a major piece of legislation? So now that the health care has been pushed through the true costs are STARTING to surface, and trust me by the time all the dust settles this ABORTION of a health care bill will cost probably 5 times minimum what was promised. Oh “MY BAD” this was supposed to save money and drive the cost of health care down.I guess you can’t hold the CBO totally at fault because they only use the figures and projections given to them by the SELF INTEREST LYING, THIEVING politicians pushing their agenda. That brings up another VERY GOOD question. If the CBO uses only the figures presented to them, then why the F*CK do we need a CBO when the same outcome could be accomplished with a SPREAD SHEET on any computer (insert the figures and push the “ENTER” button, and most likely we could possibly save money). Washington is SOOOOOOOO STUPID, that THEY don’t even know how STUPID they are.And on another side note. While America was getting F*CKED by Wall Street, fear not the SEC was getting their “ROCKS OFF” watching PORN (the SEC’s version of a SPREAD SHEET) on our DIME that is now only a NICKEL. Just another day at the office in Washington D.C.


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