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Tax or fine.

With all the “EDUCATED LAWYERS & FEDERAL JUDGES” trying to sift through the Health Care Bill making a decision regarding the Constitutionality regarding the part of being FORCED to purchase a commodity (HEALTH INSURANCE) and if you fail to purchase it you will be TAXED, it is “ILLEGAL”. 

Let this 1963 High School Graduate enlighten them all and save the taxpayers MILLIONS & MILLIONS in tax dollars fighting the issue in court.  A “TAX” is money added to the purchase of an item (usually a specific percentage). Examples: purchase an auto and there is SALES TAX, purchase a meal and there is SALES TAX.  PROPERTY TAX is based on the value of the property. All TAXES are based on the value of the item being taxed.  On the other hand FINES are monies imposed on people or companies for failing to adhere to LAWS.  If you run a stop sign you break the law and pay a FINE.  Don’t pay your taxes, you break the law and pay a FINE. 


So using COMMON SENSE not only is it “ILLEGAL” for the Government to force you to purchase Health Insurance, they can’t TAX you for something you DID NOT PURCHASE or DO NOT HAVE.  Therefore the issue is MUTE !!!!!!!!   I’ll report YOU decide.





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