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Dingbat KTLA Beauty Queen Reporter Misleads Public with Bogus Assertion

Parker, Miss USA 1994, KTLA Reporter

Lu Parker, of KTLA, who dates the mayor of Los Angeles, and is supposed to be a reporter, claimed on Monday night that the TSA full body X-ray back scatter machines emitted the same radiation as a cell phone conversation. Apparently nobody at the entire station knows the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. And why should she? She’s pretty. Pretty dumb. That’s unless she was deliberately trying to mislead the public.

Or does she believe that cell phones give off X-rays? I assume she’s never taken physics preferring her graduate degree in make-up-ology. Listen to the clip below. Shilling for the TSA and the body scanners, for sure. A disservice to the viewing public for sure and more deliberate misinformation.

lu-parker.mp3Hey parker — and the rest of the crew at KTLA – read this report and then tell us how it’s the same as a cell phone call..


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