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So.  Cox Communications thought it would be cool to get me all set up with a brand new, awesome DOCSIS 3 compliant, very fast, cable modem connection.  That was pretty nice of them.  Ten days after they get me set up, and I am enjoying the connection, which isn’t cheap by the way, they send me a letter stating that I owe them money from like 1999 or something. 

Really Cox?  You couldn’t have, I don’t know, CHECKED THAT SHIT BEFORE YOU HOOKED UP MY CONNECTION?  How stupid are you people?  Now I have a modem that I don’t need, and cannot use.  Thankfully, I have a backup connection to the house, but it’s not nearly as fast, and, thankfully, it’s not nearly as expensive either.  I am one of very few people in the world that really needed the faster connection to keep my websites up to date, keep my online radio station running smoothly, and keep my streaming devices running flawlessly. 

I would have paid my bill on time, and you would have kept me as a customer for life.  And in the long run, you would have gotten your money back that I supposedly owe you.  But now, you won’t get a damn dime from me, and you just lost a few hundred bucks on a cable modem.

So  I called them, asked if some type of arrangement could be made.  No.  Of course not.  We’re not going thru a recession or anything, times aren’t tight at all.  No compassion, and no giveadamn about the customer at all. 
So here’s a tip for everyone out there.  If you are going to run a business, and you have the perception of, “We don’t need the customer, the customer needs us.”, then your business will very much so, fail.  People are cutting the cord all of the time now from cable.  Why bother having cable when you can watch everything you want thru a Roku box online? 

Don’t know what a Roku box is?  Visit – it’s a streaming internet box that hooks up to any TV, even my old crappy tube style TV.  Delivers streaming content for free to the TV.  And most of it is free.  Amazon’s video on demand is price per event, which I don’t use.  I use Hulu Plus, which is $7/month, and I use Netflix, which is $8/month.    Do that math.  Internet from the phone company without the need of a landline for $20/month, plus $15 for TV streaming over the internet, plus the one time cost for an antenna for over the air FREE broadcast for those live events you want to watch, like football and *gags* Dancing with the Stars, etc., and that’s a LOT cheaper than the $80-$120+ cable bill that you are paying a month.  $35/month is a lot better.  And everything is on demand.

Just sayin’. 

I am looking forward to seeing people trending towards this idea.  This is the future.  And cable will be left behind.  And I cannot wait. 


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