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Compaq Presario 1260 Laptop for sale

Compaq Presario 1260 Laptop for sale.  The screen does not work.  If you hook an external monitor to it, it works fine.  It specs out to 333 MHz K6 Processor with 64 MB RAM and a 4 GB Hard drive.  Currently has Windows 98 on it, with a CD-ROM and a floppy drive.  Battery is shot on it.  It needs to stay plugged in for it to work.  It could use a new power supply as well.  Great parts unit.  Asking $10 for it.  

Call 316.444.0690 or email if interested. 




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Professional storm chaser for the National Weather Service and Skywarn Kansas Storm chase team coordinator for KAKE-TV. Emergency management communications officer. Ham Radio callsign is KD0IJO. Semi-famous on-air/club/event DJ. President and lead photographer of Michael Brian Photography CEO and Lead Tech of Hypertech Computer Solutions My personal and media blog: Call or text me: 316.444.0690 Email us: Personal site: Hypertech Computers: DJ 69 Online: Michael Brian Photography: Weather information: Ham radio contact:

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