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ViewSonic 19″ Flatscreen Monitor for sale

ViewSonic VX910 19″ Flatscreen Monitor.  Does not power up.  90% sure the power inverter is shot.  It’s cheaper to fix it, than to get a new one, and the picture is beautiful on it, when it works right.  I just don’t have time to fix it, and I don’t have a need for the monitor.  4:3 aspect ratio. Full Model Number VS10162.  Asking $10 for it. 

Call 316.444.0690 or email me if interested. 



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Professional storm chaser for the National Weather Service and Skywarn Kansas Storm chase team coordinator for KAKE-TV. Emergency management communications officer. Ham Radio callsign is KD0IJO. Semi-famous on-air/club/event DJ. President and lead photographer of Michael Brian Photography CEO and Lead Tech of Hypertech Computer Solutions My personal and media blog: Call or text me: 316.444.0690 Email us: Personal site: Hypertech Computers: DJ 69 Online: Michael Brian Photography: Weather information: Ham radio contact:

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