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    Today blew chunks.  It was definitely my Monday.  Didn’t get good news at work, no steady hours there still.  PM was there when I got there, I hate the fucking douchnoodle, and so does everyone else at the damn station.  Someone needs to tell his dumb clueless ass that he’s not welcome there, but it’s not my place to do it, else I would have myself.

    Backing up for a sec, found out that a friend of mine had a heart attack today.  She’s okay, best I can tell, but still, damn.  She’s a good person, doesn’t deserve that.

    I hate my fucking nose.  I’ve never had allergies before, but maybe I have them now.

    I finally found a chat server program for my storm chasers to use, barely in time.  I’ll have the bugs worked out and the server and backup server for it running within a couple of weeks.

    Since I am not getting stable hours at the station, and I’m not getting hardly any hours at the mall job, I guess I’m gonna have to find a fourth part time job.  It’s funny, I’m genuinely committed to all of these outfits, yet none of them can give me the true dedication in return.  Story. Of. My. Fucking. Life.

    Grocery shopping with sniffles here in a little bit.  I hate shopping.  After that, I dunno.  Crashing out early, have an early start tomorrow.

    Right now, all I give a shit about in life is stability, but no matter what or how much I do, I can’t seem to find it.  And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Fuck Mondays.



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Professional storm chaser for the National Weather Service and Skywarn Kansas Storm chase team coordinator for KAKE-TV. Emergency management communications officer. Ham Radio callsign is KD0IJO. Semi-famous on-air/club/event DJ. President and lead photographer of Michael Brian Photography CEO and Lead Tech of Hypertech Computer Solutions My personal and media blog: Call or text me: 316.444.0690 Email us: Personal site: Hypertech Computers: DJ 69 Online: Michael Brian Photography: Weather information: Ham radio contact:

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