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I don’t. Care.

    My God.  I am pissy today.  L pissed me off big time last night.  Right after I finished telling her about how I am sick and fucking tired of certain people second guessing me all of the time when I am right 99% of the time, what does she do?  She second guesses me, because she didn’t think I did a good enough job looking for something.  That she lost.  Next time, she can look her fucking self.  I’m sick and fucking tired of being decent to people and getting shit on.  SICK AND FUCKING TIRED.
    Yesterday I find out a friend of mine’s in the hospital from a heart attack, today I find out a DJ friend of mine died.  Yeah.
    Installed a new video card into this computer today so that I can play video games for like the first time in a fucking decade, and the one game that I wanted to play, goddamn servers were down.  So now I have all of this pent up aggression, and nothing to take it out on.  My giveafuck is broken as far as getting things done that I should be getting done.  Nothing good is happening in my life right now.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing horrible is happening either, but still.  I want something to look forward to.  Right now, that simply doesn’t exist. 
    Right now all I am doing is surviving.  That’s no way to live. 
    People that I am interested in getting to know better, they talk like they wanna get to know me better, but they aren’t acting like it.  Some are, but most aren’t.  I’m sick of trying there too.  The real ones will put forth effort.  We’ll see what happens there.
    Watching a show, then crashing out early.  I think I have to be up early tomorrow.  Pretty much a waste of a day. 



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