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The Guild

I am loving a show, thanks to TL, called the Guild.  I’ve known about it, just never made time to watch it until she got me into it.  TL is so much like Felicia Day, it’s wicked.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both, and I’m telling ya, if TL had a sister, Felica would be her.  Just finished Season 3.  Thanks TL.  Thanks Netflix.

Had to format my main dekstop machine today, for the first time in years.  It’s nice to have everything up and running without any lockups.  I don’t have it up 100% yet, so it still feels a little foreign, but it’s work in progress, it’ll get done as soon as possible. 

A lot of the shows I used to shoot are starting to get lower and lower in attendance.  I don’t get why the EDM scene is so flaky around here.  Didn’t have this problem in KC, in Nashville, in Denver, in Dallas…  Maybe Wichita in general is flaky.  Do I want to spend the rest of my life here?  Do I want to raise a family here? 

Tomorrow starts a new week, and with that, another non-stop schedule.  Have to stay on task, have a lot of irons in the fire, I’m really hoping that TL will be understanding on how crazy busy my life is becoming, and not get bored from my lack of time with her.  Hoping that she doesn’t think I want to spend less time with her, when in fact, I want to spend more time than ever with her. 

I can read her like a book sometimes, but the lack of verbal communication is starting to get to me a little.  She’s getting better at it.  Have to keep telling myself that progress is being made. 

Time to shut down the network.  Equipment gets rest before I do.  Guess I really do put everything before me.  Kinda sad really.

Goodnight Internet.


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