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Long day

Long day at work, thankful that I have the job though.  Many people don’t right now, while I have several. 

Came home to a happy and comfy and relaxed TL.  So nice to see her like that.  Got some stuff done around the house that had to be done tonight, applied for a few more jobs, as I am looking to upgrade the pay of the ones I have now.  I’m not getting more hours, and I’m not getting raises, so I am looking elsewhere.  The time to ramp up, is now.  After that, I was too exhausted to even make dinner, so TL made me some Ramen, and we ended up watching one of my favorite movies ever, Gran Torino.  Clint Eastwood’s best.  If you’re a fan of him, you’ll enjoy the movie.  Clint reminds me of my Dad in the movie.  I gave him a copy several years ago, and I have a feeling that he has yet to watch it.  Anyways, she seemed to like it as well.

Central air is broken again, seems to be a freon leak this time.  Progress is being made.  Slow progress, but progress, nonetheless.  It needs to be fixed this week, as it’s not getting any cooler out.  I’m more worried about my server stack and computers and networking equipment overheating, and I’m concerned about TL overheating, a lot more than I am worried about myself.  In the meantime, I have backup window units keeping us survivable. 

I was nonstop crazy busy today, and to think, Sunday is my slow day.  It’s gonna be a long week.  Hopefully I’ll get everything accomplished that I have scheduled.  I have a lot to get done, and not enough hours in the day to get there.  But there’s a time crunch now, so I no longer have a choice. 

The next chapters of my life are upon me now.  More details on that later. 



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