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Yes, suicide is “selfish.” No, they aren’t thinking of all the grieving friends, parents, or the experiences they’ll never have that will be left behind. Yes, they are (usually) only thinking of themselves. No, you’re not going to understand it. Yes, they are serious about ending it. No, you should not tell them how selfish you think they are if they come to you about it. Yes, it might mean they want help if they do talk about it. No, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have done it. Yes, you should take it seriously whether you think it will happen or not. No, you do not get to decide if they are desperate for attention and if that makes it any less serious. Yes, you should let them know that you are there for them. No, you shouldn’t hesitate to find help (parents, a hotline, therapy, etc). Yes, it might still happen.

Yes, suicide is serious.
Yes, suicidal people are in pain.
Yes, you can try to talk to them.
Yes, you can research it.
Yes, even if you aren’t directly involved with a suicidal person.
Yes, it could make a difference.


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