Denver, and what’s next after.

For once I am not driving, I am riding, to Denver, to see my sister in Denver, for her birthday, with my family.  It’s given me time to think about a lot of things.Mostly, my thoughts revolve around what’s happened since I used to live out in Denver.  The good and bad times.  If I didn’t have the great network or friends and family in the Wichita area, I would definitely be living in Denver still.  And I would be living there with Holly I think.  And I definitely would be happier.  And I’m betting that she would be, too.But a number of things have happened since I lived there in 2005, and I am pretty close to rock bottom with my situation now.  So, in order to get things back going, there’s a lot of steps I need to take, to get my ducks in a row, so to speak.  And that process will start, partially, during this trip, as I will be job hunting online while I am in Denver, for a Wichita-based job.  The rest will start upon my return next week.  Finding and holding down a job is the key for everything that is to happen next.  I do not, and will not be in the situation I am in, for more than a year, and I wanna be moved back into my own place by October 1st of this year, but if I am not ready by then, I definitely want to have a place by this time next year.  If everything goes smooth, then I’ll have my own place again by the 1st of October, and if I am not ready yet, then it’ll happen by April 1st, 2011.The next step after finding a job, is to get a storage unit, and get all of my stuff moved to the unit.  And sell off everything that I don’t need or want.  Get a nest egg started, massive savings.  Get the car fixed up, get the other car restored, get a truck for storm chasing and hauling stuff, get it decked out.Get an updated desktop computer.  Get a PC laptop that’s dedicated for the vehicle, so this MacBook doesn’t have to be used for that.  Get a new camera.Get the businesses rejuvenated.  Start up advertising with the computer business, get the photography back going again, start a studio back up.  Start the process of getting DJing equipment again, continue using the storage unit to hold the equipment.Stock up on weapons and ammunition.  Lots.  Jump bags, survival gear, etc.Pay off debts.Finish my surgeries.Then move.Get everything that I need for the new house, with some of the savings, and still have money left over for actual savings.That’s the rough plan, thus far.  Those are some of the ducks to get in a row.This fall, on top of everything else that I will be doing, I will be going back to school, at WSU.  It’s time to finish that up, as I’m not getting any younger.  Major in criminal justice, minor in communications.  That, in combination with my IT certifications, and my emergency management, media, and dispatch experiences,  should make my career options pretty flexible.If the world doesn’t come to an end before I am done with college, I might actually be able to get a decent paying career that’s stable.  By then, the world will definitely be different, either better or worse.  And since I expect the worst and hope for the best, I’m not banking on better.  I want to ultimately be successful as my own boss, and enjoy it, before I get too old to do so.My desire for stability for my family, loved ones, and I, is higher now, than it’s ever been.Cheers.