Jealousy. Really.

So. I’ve been thinking about this for a long while, and it still boggles the mind. I guess the more popular you become, the more people that become jealous of you. There are girls out there, that are jealous that I have a girlfriend. There are others out there that are jealous that I have a lot of neat toys. There are some out there that are jealous OF my girlfriend, wishing that they had her. But the storm chasing community? Really? I just can’t imagine that it’s true. But apparently, it is. There are a handful of chasers out there, some of who were good friends of mine at one point, that are jealous of my storm chasing. As I type this, I still cannot believe it. There are rumors and accusations going around about me “chasing with my emergency lights on”, or the latest, “that I have my truck back”, those are just a few of the many. I mean really? Do people care so much that they need to start rumors? So what if I had my truck back? Does that really matter? Well apparently to some this really does matter. I wonder, if I take a shit, before I flush, will they know what color it is? Don’t people have better things to do with their lives? Well. Apparently not. Turns out that some of these people “don’t like my style of storm chasing”. *laughs* Why? Because I’m ALWAYS on the storm? Because I am the first responder in the south central Kansas area 9 times out of 10? Because I am on the air with radio and TV stations on a normal basis? I know this sounds ridiculous to some, but all of this is happening. And then I realized why, it’s because they are jealous. I don’t understand why though. I’m just a normal everyday guy, that does a little more than average when it comes to jobs, owning my own modeling photography business, co-owning a computer repair business, working at a number of radio stations, working for a TV station, and working at a grocery store. Yeah, I stay busy. But it still doesn’t make me any different than any of you. I am in a lot of media, so I get a lot of attention. That makes me a little different, but not really. Because when it comes down to it, I’m just another guy, that’s trying to get the bills paid, that looks out for the safety of the general public. Isn’t that what every storm chaser is supposed to be all about? Truth be told, it’s not always. But it should be. I find the rumors amusing. But seriously, find something better to do. If you wanna shit talk behind my back, that’s find I suppose, but really, if you have a problem with me, grow a pair and say it to my face, and then maybe it can be addressed. But there’s only a select few people that will do this, and they are good friends of mine, rather than enemies. Storm chasing isn’t a competition, it’s a collaborative. The sooner people start to understand that, then sooner we will all start to get along. But some people are too immature to get that. And I think those people will never understand that.Regardless of the rumors, the accusations without proof, regardless of everything, I will continue to do my own thing. I’ll continue to be excellent at it, and I’ll strive every day to get better at it. I don’t need to feel special, join a group, or be in parades, to feel better about myself, like some people do. I can feel good knowing that I was able to give the advanced warning needed to save people’s lives. A lot of my close friends want me to get revenge on the people that start the shit talking, and steal from me, but I’m not like that. I know that Karma will work itself out, and that the people that have it coming to them, will get it eventually. And when it happens, as much as I would love to be there to watch it happen, I won’t have time. I have better things to do, like stab myself in the eye with a spoon. Get a life people. And stay out of mine. Sincerely, The One You Hate for No Reason