@lauraclarinet and other news.

Not sure where to start with this ramble, but I want to update you guys on what’s been going on lately.As you may or may have not seen, I’ve been recently spending a lot of time with my new significant other. I have told myself for a long time now, that I would stay single, get my ducks in a row, and go from there. But things sometimes don’t happen as you plan them. And right now I couldn’t possibly be happier about it.Her and I met through @trombonechick – on April 9th. I had just finished a long day with moving everything from my old house that I let my ex stay in, into a storage unit that my father let me use, until I get everything sold. I thank my family very much for helping me out with the storage unit. Side note: I am selling all of my extra stuff, because I no longer want, nor need, the stuff. But I do need the money while I am looking for a job, and getting my businesses stabilized. You’ll continue to see posts on here for things that I have for sale. Please pass the word to anyone that may be interested.Anyways, I had been sore from moving everything, @trombonechick had invited me over to relax in the hot tub, and I brought over some wine for everyone to enjoy. She had told me that she had a friend that she wanted me to meet. That friend, was @lauraclarinet – and from the moment that I locked eyes with hers, I was instantly interested. And as picky as I am, it’s surprising. Our friend Dan was with us as well, and he even mentioned on how instantly and well her and I clicked right away.So here I am in this hot tub with my friends and @lauraclarinet – totally talking everyone’s ear off after a few shots of Crown, and some wine – and it goes from a group conversation with everyone to me locking eyes with her and zoning everyone else out. I was thinking, “what an awesome girl” – but never thought it would go anywhere, so I appreciated her company, and kinda just wrote it off.The next day we start texting each other, and we were still clicking, and I was still interested in her, but still didn’t think anything would happen between her and I, despite what I was hoping for. Learned later that she had a boyfriend, so her and I just hung out, spent time together, and learned more about each other. She went from being just a gorgeous girl in a hot tub to one of my best friends. She still is one of my best friends to this day.Then April 21st came around. She had a surprise for me. That surprise was that she broke up with the boyfriend, and of course, immediately, I asked her out. Sparks few. Everything that anyone could ever want in a relationship, happened. Everything lined up perfectly. And everything’s been insanely awesome since. To say the very least. I’ve connected more with her in three weeks that I have in any other relationship in the past, yes, even the ones that lasted multiple years. In three weeks. It’s insane, but what her and I have, is by far, the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And the best thing that will ever happen to me.April 25th was my mother’s birthday. I was booked solid. Between taking Laura to school, working photo shoots and computer client work, selling things on Craigslist, and storm chasing in the middle of the night the night before, I literally didn’t have five free minutes to my name. So no, I didn’t call my mother to even wish her a Happy Birthday, nor did I spend any time with her that day, at all. Yeah, it was a real bitch move to not spend time with her, but at the same time, I needed the money, and other people, as always, were depending on me.Anyways, instead of being an adult about things, and talking to me about the problem, she decided to throw a 12-year-old-like tantrum on Facebook, on my wall. It’s still there for my friends on Facebook. Had to pull my own mother off of my Facebook, sadly. Add on top of that, the fact that Laura’s entire family was totally against our relationship and prejudging me instead of wanting to meet me, etc – add on the fact that I am finding ways to pay my bills without a job, and that I’m selling my entire old life of mine away out of a storage unit that’s not even mine, and I really pretty much came close to hitting a breaking point. My mother, until today, didn’t even want to speak to me, because of the birthday thing. I’m terribly sorry that my survival took priority over spending her birthday with her, but that doesn’t give her the right to take all of the information that I’ve been kind enough to feed her since I had moved back, and use it against me, make me feel unwelcome there with her lack of respect for me by bringing out family issues into the public eye for everyone to see, etc etc. But Laura was there to help me thru it all.I’m also becoming a morning person, and getting more accomplished daily because of it.And I’m cutting back on smoking, and will eventually quit. Yeah. Really.So Friday, I decided that I will move out this weekend, and I have. I now am staying with @trombonechick, her boyfriend Greg, which I am gonna flat out say is a kickass dude, and Dan, who’s also awesome, and has helped me move things around, without asking for anything in return. Him and I will be working out at Genesis together soon. It’s time to step up and get in shape.Saturday we cleared out room for me here at the house, Sunday I moved some critical stuff in to the new place, and Monday, I’ll be getting the rest of the stuff I need to make things happen here at the house, and weeding out what I don’t need, and selling it. Needless to say, CraigsList has been also one of my best friends lately. In these financially stressing times, it’s kept me alive. Literally. No words can stress the importance of truly great friends and a good network here in Wichita.I still plan to go to school this fall, I think I have a job lined up soon, I know I have the girl of my dreams, and I am living with some of the most kickass people in the world. And they have a hot tub. LOL – things are starting to look up again.And Goddammit, it’s about time.Thank you guys, and especially, thank you Laura, for keeping me motivated to do better and better with everyday. Thank you for making my days better when they are shitty, and making the good days turn into perfect days. I really, truly, and honestly, did not think that this type of love even existed.Man, was I entirely wrong.


This photo pretty much sums it up at a glance. (Courtesy, Aaron A. – Friends University)Man, I don’t even know if life gets any better than this.Cheers.