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Go fuck yourself.

    People suck.
    I thought I would take a break from my non-stop work ethic, and try to socialize a little bit.  Get out, get to know people better, spend time with people that I want to get to know better.  Want to know what I found out? 
    People suck ass.
    Just when I had a glimmer of hope that our society had a chance in hell, that idea was flushed down the fucking toilet.  Made plans with several people this week.  Blew off half of my schedule, to make time with these people.  More than half of them blew my ass off.  How can someone live a life of making commitments, but never following through with them?  What kind of selfish fuck, thinks they are going to be anything in life without any follow-through?  When you make commitments, you follow through with them.  Or you call and say that you can’t make it.  Or you call and say “fuck off”, something.  Not just keep a person waiting.  I could have filled these time slots with more productive things to do, not that anyone obviously gives two fucks.  And then there’s this other group of people, that just use me for one reason or another, or at least try to.  My photography, a ride, something.  Fuck you.  I’m done doing favors for people.  I have fucking bills to pay, and I don’t have time to be fucked over by you people.  I’m fed up with society.  All of you selfish fucks are going to fail in life, and I can’t wait to see it happen.
    I’m done caring intimately about people that don’t even remember that I exist half the time, unless it’s convenient for them.
    I was in the fucking hospital today.  Two people knew, one person cared.  Had you been an actual friend, you would have also known, and might have also cared.  I guess I should just shut the fuck up and be happy that one person cared.  Some people don’t even have that I suppose. 
    So I’m done being nice about shit.  I’m done trying to help people that can’t even help themselves, and can’t think past their own face in the broken mirror.  Actions speak a lot louder than words, and well, actions this week told me a whole hell of a lot. 
    Thanks for the lesson, you selfish fucking bitches. 

P.S — Think you might be a person I am talking about here?  Then you definitely are. 
Fuck you, and fuck off.


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2 responses to “Go fuck yourself.

  1. Christopher Henry ⋅

    damn i am sorry to hear that shit Mike… i have learned that most people can suck a big fat cock… hope you are ok… you are always welcome to come over here and hang out…. you can give me a call if ya want to bullshit anytime… the number is 316-712-3055

  2. Sam Franzmann ⋅

    I have had to clean house on friends before. On facebook and RL. It can be hard but it can be worth it. Another thing I have heard said that makes you rethink who you associate with is the following, "Your net worth will be equal to the average of that of your 5 closest friends." It sound like you do have one good friend. Don’t think that other people have more than that. I wish you the best, for whatever that is worth. Sam F

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